what i see

I make pictures of small things that get overlooked. The garbage and weeds. The decayed and the worn. Pattern, color, texture, light, shadow, repetition. I am fascinated when nature takes over what humans have made, and by the beauty that emerges unexpectedly as we build, create, and otherwise manipulate our world. 

Dan Lythcott-Haims
Palo Alto, CA

My current Exhibit:

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March 1 - April 6, 2019
Fragments, Edges, and Ambiguities
Harrington Gallery
Firehouse Arts Center
4444 Railroad Ave.
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Meet the Artists: Saturday, March 23, 1-3pm, with a talk by all 5 artists at 2pm

When artist friends get together, they start to see all kinds of wonderful synergies among their work. I’m so excited to be co-hosting this joint exhibition with me, Taryn Curiel, Cindy Stokes, Yucali, and Jane Peterman