There's Treasure Everywhere!

At the recommendation of MANY people, I spent some time exploring Building Resources in San Francisco. These are some of the treasures I found.

Collecting New Textures

Wandering in places I perhaps shouldn’t, I found some wonderful new textures created as time has its way with our creations.


The rust has jumped out of the image and into sculptures. See more of my Wood+Rust series.


Coils of rusting material create repeating patterns and textures and colors that draw me in.

stARTup Art Fair

I had an amazing time as one of 60 artists at this year's stARTup Art Fair at the Hotel Del Sol in San Francisco. I got to set up my own room with my work on decay, color, and even some fun new LEGO sculptures!

Friendly Inspiration

I made these images in the beautiful home of a friend.

Libraries and Used Bookstores

More exploratory color blurs.

Color Bars

An experimental series made by de-focussing my camera and capturing similar objects.

Exploring a Different Focus

Shifting my eye from decay to color, I find that the color and light are more interesting and expressive when removed from their subject and context.

Hiking Sweeney Ridge

There is an abandoned Nike missile radar station atop Sweeney Ridge in Pacifica, CA. Sweeping vista that includes the bay on one side and the ocean on the other, but my eyes as usual were turned inward and down.

San Francisco Waterfront

Thanks to the suggestion of my friend Kat, I explored the SF waterfront between Mariposa Ave. and Pier 70 (where I have made some great images before). The area is rich with SF shipping history, and although most of the coolest buildings are completely barricaded behind fences, there is still some cool stuff to see. Here's some of what I found.

Forklift Rental

I must have driven past this place a thousand times. Finally I stopped and asked if I could make photographs of the equipment. So glad that I did!

Mare Island Naval Shipyard

Mare island is a decommissioned naval shipyard in Vallejo, CA. There are acres of abandoned buildings, some massive dry-docks, and lots of beautiful decay.


Over this past summer, I spent seven weeks visiting a dozen flea markets in the Bay Area. I photographed collections of old objects for a 49-photo piece.

Each image is a separate 6x6 print on aluminum. The whole piece measure 48x48. 

Fort Point, San Francisco

I always enjoyed visiting Fort Point, directly under the Golden Gate Bridge, but I had never been there before when the fort was open. It's an amazing place - it totally brought out the kid in me.

Ghost Towns of the California Motherlode

I spent 5 days driving through California's old gold-mining towns, traveling south on route 49 from I-80 to Oakhurst. I stopped at Georgetown, Coloma, Amador City, Sutter Creek, Volcano, Campo Seco, Chinese Camp, Jackass Hill, Knight's Ferry, Coulterville, Hornitos, Bear Valley, and Mariposa. Here's some of what I found.

5th Avenue, Oakland

I explored a wonderful and fascinating little community in Oakland, wedged between I-880 and the Bay. Artists; welding shops; homes; abandoned cars; community.

By the Side of the Railroad

I have driven past this particular spot many times, always thinking I would like to make photos there. It is off of Highway 101 south of Gilroy. It's an abandoned and decaying railroad siding for a purpose lost to time.

Alameda Antique Faire

The Alameda Antique Faire is one of my favorite places to make photographs. Acres and acres of vendors selling all kinds of wonderful bits and pieces of the past. Here are some images from my latest visit.

Urban Ore

I spent a wonderful morning at Urban Ore in Berkeley. Check full of interesting stuff, and there are some very kind people running the place.