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Dan is an artist interested in documenting the unnoticed details of the human-made world. He finds beauty in the patterns, textures, colors, and forms - both designed and emergent. Each of his photographs has undergone a process of stripping away extraneous elements until a pure detail emerges. He composes in the camera, sometimes intentionally misusing this tool, and using his body to zoom in, out, up or down.

Artistically, Dan takes most of his influence from the world of abstract expressionist painting. The purity of form and composition is more important than any recognizable subject matter.

Over the past 25 years, Dan's professional career has spanned a variety of design disciplines, ultimately focusing on User Experience Design (the art of making things easy to use). He spent 6 years at Thuuz as VP of User Experience, 10 years as Creative Director for Pandora, and several years designing museum exhibits and other fun stuff.

As a student, Dan studied Product Design at Stanford - a unique program blending the disciplines of engineering and art.