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Art invites the viewer into the head and heart of the artist. It is a challenge to see differently. Both photography and found-art sculpture play unique roles within the arts due to their ability to show what IS at the same time as they manipulates the point of view to manifest the vision of the artist.

I have spent my life noticing things about the built world. I notice when corners aren’t joined precisely; I notice patterns both designed and emergent; I notice color and form and scale. Each of my series captures a particular element of my noticing: e.g. decay or pattern or color.

In my photography, I manipulate the camera in both traditional and non-traditional ways. In my sculpture, I elevate the stature of the old and broken through decontextualization. I whittle my subjects down to their core. Often this means losing the context of location, environment, and even the subject itself. What I hope to gain is a record of that thing that caught my interest - that thing that other people don't see.